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Calling All Elementary and Middle School Explorers & Leaders!

By Phillip Hon, Executive Director of Unbound Stockton Community School February 23, 2024

Curious minds and families ready for something different, gather 'round! Unbound Stockton Community School is here to usher the next generation into a reimagined world of learning. The brand-new tuition-free public school is now enrolling 4th through 7th grade students to open its doors for the 2024-2025 school year.

Think classrooms that focus on curiosity and questions, and not lectures and memorization. Where kids solve real-life mysteries together, create art that transforms parks, and even run their own mini businesses. Unbound enhances the curriculum by diving headfirst into a world of projects, partnerships, and hands-on experiences that make learning fun, memorable, and impactful. 

With an Unbound week of learning, students will experience traditional classroom instruction Mondays through Thursdays, followed by a field-trip based community day on Fridays where the lessons learned are applied into real-time projects at local organizations that help beautify and improve the San Joaquin County community.

  • Our City is Your Classroom: Unbound turns Stockton into a giant learning lab. Explore museums, partner with local businesses, and work with community heroes. Envision learning about history at the Haggin Museum or getting business tips from real entrepreneurs on the Miracle Mile.

  • For All Students: Unbound welcomes a diverse and inclusive set of students to learn and celebrate each other. Regardless of background or school experience, we set up personalized support and student-driven opportunities for all to learn and grow.

  • A Community on the Move: Walls and desks take a backseat as learning spills out into the vibrant city of Stockton. Picture collaborating with local heroes, transforming parks into living art galleries, and tackling real-world issues alongside passionate mentors. One day you might be designing a community garden, the next you're coding robots to clean up our parks. It's learning that's fun, meaningful and makes a difference.

  • Friends from Everywhere: Unbound brings together kids from all over Stockton, creating a multicultural crew where everyone feels welcome. Imagine students learning about different cultures from classmates, not just books.

Unbound isn't just a new public school; it's a launchpad for our future changemakers. It's where kids learn to think big, work together, and make their mark on the world. 

So, if you're looking for an adventure where learning feels meaningful and every day has a purpose, then Unbound is the right school for your child! Enroll before February 29th for a guaranteed spot in our lottery for the 2024-2025 school year, or until spaces fill up. Then, witness your child blossom in a brand-new learning environment unlike any other: