No Time for Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping? Home Chef Does it All

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By Brittany Joyner, publisher of Macaroni KID Killeen, Texas November 8, 2022

As a single mom with 3 jobs, time is hard to come by. A day in my life looks like: pack lunches, do the carpool, work for 8 hours, pick the kiddo up, spend some quality time, tutor, put the kiddo to bed, work on the website, sleep. 

Going to the grocery store and meal planning are two of my favorite things, but in this season I have zero time for either. Enter: Home Chef. I've been a Home Chef customer for the past 3 years and it's been a life saver! They deliver meal kits with pre-portioned, sometimes even pre-chopped, ingredients straight to my door every week.

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Once a month I go into the Home Chef app and choose my favorite meals for each week. It takes less than 5 minutes and they've got a ton of add-on options like coffee, breakfast, salad, dessert, and extra meat! It's basically like grocery shopping without all of the planning. You can edit meals up to 5 weeks out, so I don't even have to remember to order it every week. 

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This week we got Creamy Spinach Steak Strip Pasta (15 minute meal), Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken (Oven Ready), and Sweet and Spicy Al Pastor Pork Flautas. I timed myself, and even with my son helping, the spinach and steak pasta only took 10 minutes to make. The recipe card is simple enough for him to follow, which I love! In fact, it's so simple he probably could've made the entire meal himself.

The pickiest 7-year-old on the planet taste tested with me AND he loved it. Getting 7-year-olds to try spinach is usually an Olympic sport, but helping cook made him way more open to the idea.

Home Chef has oven ready meals that are great for nights when you just can't fathom making more dishes to wash. They come with an aluminum tray that you cook everything in and the same great pre-portioned ingredients that come in all of the kits. I love using the bag it comes in as a place to put all of the trash and scraps while I'm cooking for even easier clean up. 

The oven ready I got this week has sauce and tomatoes (not 7-year-old approved), so I used this meal as lunch meal prep for work. Home Chef makes it so easy to bring lunch to work rather than grabbing fast food while I'm running around.

While life is going a mile a minute, I use Home Chef as my favorite kitchen tool. No checking three different apps for recipes and grocery ads, no list making, no lugging a hungry kiddo through the store, and definitely no tearing up the kitchen and dirtying every bowl we own. 

I'm using the time and energy I would've used to do all of that to learn how to play my son's favorite trading card game and maybe do a puzzle or two with him. Time is precious and I plan to make it count where I can.

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