We Play Summer Camp and Programs

Making the Case for Organized Sports

By Kourtney Marriott May 21, 2017

We Play Indoor Soccer is owned and operated by Jason and Michelle Gonzalez. They have been involved in our local soccer community for decades and care a great deal about the kids in our community. The facility is 10,000 square feet with two indoor Fustsal fields. Futsal is a small-sided version of soccer used to develop players all over the world. It is FIFA (governing body of soccer) sanctioned and recently supported by the U.S. Soccer program. With the smaller fields players get more opportunities, and can increase their overall technical abilities with the ball. Player’s on the smaller field must react and move faster. When players take the skills they learned in Futsal and apply them to the outdoor game, they are better soccer players. Many of today’s great players contribute their success to playing Futsal. It is fast, fun, and exciting game for all ages. 

Today, children are quitting organized sports more often than one might think. Research has shown that approximately 70-75% of children will quit playing a sport by the age of 14. Research says children stop playing sports for a variety of reasons. 

• Lack of Playing Time 

• Overemphasis on Winning 

• Affordability & Accessibility 

• Lack of Fun 

• Coaching/Adult Behaviors 

• Dissatisfaction with Performance 

• Lack of Social Support 

At We Play it is our goal to teach players the proper FUNdamentals of soccer. With the proper instruction, players will be more confident in themselves and keep playing longer. They will learn to set goals in life, while achieving them on the field. With motivation and commitment to training, they will learn to perform under pressure, and learn to never give up. Although there is limited evidence of a direct causal relationship between youth sports and youth crime reduction, there are several rationales as to why youth sport reduces youth crime, including playing organized sports: 

• Keeps young people busy and out of trouble 

• Meets a need that youth have for excitement 

• Increases feeling of belonging 

• Develops problem-solving skills 

• Fosters teamwork 

• Develops athletic abilities

• Increases self-esteem 

• Provides positive role-models and mentors 

• Develops decision-making skills 

• Makes youth feel special

Parents and Grandparents alike are enjoying their time at the facility with their children. One Grandma says, “"We Play" is just awesome for kids of all ages! I have two grandsons who practice and/or are there playing regularly. I watched Jason coaching my 14 year old grandson's team last night as they practiced, and though I have known him for a long time via soccer and his painting business, I am always surprised at how much involvement and good instruction he gives his boys! And no sideline coaching; he gets right onto the field and into the center of what he is trying to teach them! He truly loves what he does. If my kids were still small, I'd do whatever I had to do to have Jason and his other coaches be their mentors! Sportsmanship is first on the list, but he works his teams hard. Not for sissies! That's why he has winning teams! Thank you, Jason, for all you have done for our community's children. They will always remember you!”

We Play offers a variety of classes, camps, and leagues for kids ages 2 up to adults. During the summer we offer an affordable and fun futsal camp for kids to attend. The camps run from June 6th to August 5th. We accept ages 5 to 14, both boys and girls. We offer both half day and full day options. Snack, lunch, and a shirt are provided for the children. Our trainers teach the children the FUNdamentals of the sport with drills and small sided games. They make it fun for the kids to learn and grow as players. They also break up their time by adding in other fun activities such as dodgeball,  badminton, basketball and more! Join us this summer for fun filled camps!