I'm Back

Macaroni Kid Editor Letter

September 4, 2021

Hello Friends,

This is Shayne your local area Macaroni Kid publisher. Welcome to this edition of Macaroni kid and my comeback letter. I don’t really need to say that it has been a very strange year and a half for me. Like many small businesses I have struggled during this time and decided that it was an opportunity to reevaluate my goals for myself personally as well as my involvement with Macaroni kid. I took time to take care of health issues that I had not addressed, learned all about zoom, and even made some sour dough bread from scratch. What I learned during this time is that first I needed to take care of myself better. I think like a lot of parents I had been doing as much as possible in as little time as possible and my physical as well as mental health had suffered. It was a blessing in disguise to put the breaks on the many activities we were involved in and spend time with each other as well as opening up time for me to just be. 

The second thing that I learned during this time is just how important family, friendships and community is to all of us. My children desperately missed their friends and I missed the play dates, park days and community events that had become an important part of our lives. I look forward to exploring the activities and community events that have started to happen again. 

Thank you so much readers for continuing to follow Macaroni kid over this last year and I can make a promise that the Macaroni kid calendar will fill back up with great activities for your family to participate in. Please send me an email if you know of something that is happening. Its free to add events to my calendar for all to see.